Most of these games require python!!! get python on!!!

Download Fujo

this is a really fun and addicting game!

Download Miner

this is a really fun and hard game!

Download Bub Bros.

this is a fun online game of bubble bobble!

Download Labyrinth

this is a fun and challenging game!

Download Ulmo's Adventure

this is so fun and awesome!!!

Download Sky Eraser

this is fun and hard and actually saves highscores!

Download Don't Touch The Edge

this is an awesomely challenging game!

Download Jelly

this is a fun RPG game!

Download Warpage

this is a really fun game sort of like terraria!

Download Find a Way

this is a cool AI type thing.

Download Element Balls 5.8

This is a cool game that I made!

Download TitleLess

This is a cool 3D game!

Download Mission TReVoR LeS 26

this is a fun space invaders type game that I made!